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My Redlight Life - The Game Changer for the Adult Industry is here!

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Coady Banks is the founder of My Redlight Life.

My Redlight Life was born out of the need to create organisation and eliminate the stresses of working in high demand and ever-changing environments.

Being busy and in high demand is great however can be stressful and often resulted in being disorganised when working independently and planning bookings, and often caused confusion when getting paid correctly at the end of each shift when working within establishments.

Coady Banks started off creating a scrapbook, designed specifically to plan, note, and track all bookings and earnings throughout each shift, doing this also helped the receptionist/management to pay the correct amount.

With nothing on the market specifically for adult industry workers, Coady went over a 6 year journey of trial and error to finally create My Redlight Life! Which is the ultimate diary organiser and includes sections for goal setting, clients gift list, money management and budget, client list of regulars, wellbeing, monthly calendar, along with booking worksheets designed specifically to suit the 3 types of workers: independent workers, establishment workers and dancers.

My Redlight Life is available in print form, (QR code scan) and very soon in app form!

‘I am excited to say that My Redlight Life is designed purely to help adult industry workers, because I believe that every adult worker deserves success, happiness and a positive experience within their adult industry journey’
Coady Banks

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