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The Australian Adult Industry Awards

Re: The Australian Adult Industry Awards™ - A.A.I.A.®
February 24th, 2022

AICA Directors Fail to Lodge Legal Defence to Federal Court Statement of Claim
Continue to infringe A.A.I.A.® intellectual property and pass off an association with the A.A.I.A.® event

Q: Who has ever been to the Adult Industry Choice Awards (AICA)?

A: No one, because all previous events have been the Australian Adult Industry Awards™.

Fact: AICA is not a rebranded A.A.I.A.® event. If the AICA event does get off the ground, it will be its first event!

A recent AICA Twitter post including the video above (without A.A.I.A.® branding) states 'Watch the recap video from OUR 2021 awards show! - May 26th 2022 we do it all over again – bigger, better and more glamorous than ever!’

In fact, the video is of the '21 Australian Adult Industry Awards™ - A.A.I.A.® (not AICA) event, as demonstrated by A.A.I.A.® logos on the stage screen, although there has been a clumsy attempt to blur out those logos – an attempt that failed spectacularly – as a frame-by-frame inspection clearly reveals A.A.I.A.® logos on the big screen!

The AICA post goes further to the ongoing infringing of A.A.I.A.® intellectual property and the passing off of an association with the A.A.I.A.® event. The Australian Adult Industry Awards™ - A.A.I.A.® has no association with AICA and has commenced Federal Court action to stop such behaviour.

A Statement of Claim naming the AICA and its directors lodged with the Federal Court on the 24th of December, 2021 required a legal defence to be filed by February 11th, 2022 - to this date, no defence has been filed. The A.A.I.A.® reserves its rights regarding applying for a default judgement.

Don’t be fooled by impersonators, get your tickets to the one and only Australian Adult Industry Awards™ - A.A.I.A.®, now in its 22nd year, HERE.