2022 Nominee: Mrs Maddie

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Mrs Maddie AAIA Nominee
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Mrs. Maddie brings some realness and rawness to the industry with her confidence and advocacy for plus-sized women.

Located on the Gold Coast you might spot her flaunting a bikini or better yet, on her exclusive websites, exploring what’s underneath the bikini!

Mrs. Maddie provides heartfelt, 1 on 1 engagement with her fans, along with an insight into the world of a plus-sized woman who loves real intimacy.

Being in the industry for less than a year, Mrs. Maddie has already achieved so much. From campaigning for men's mental health charities to making other women feel confident in their own bodies, Maddie is bound to have a lasting impact on the industry.

Mrs Maddie AAIA Nominee
Mrs Maddie AAIA Nominee

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