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This directory can help you easily see all the categories a nominee is in.
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In 2025 there is a maximum of 6 categories for any one individual/business.
Before voting begins, those that are in more than 6 will be required to select the 6 they want to be in.

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2024 Nominees

The Australian Adult Industry Awards


This directory can help you easily see all the categories a nominee is in.

Click the blue labels at the top to sort by that field.
Use the search box to search by award or name

In 2024 there is a maximum of 6 categories for any one individual/business.
Before voting begins, those that are in more than 6 will be required to select the 6 they want to be in.

Voting closed May 31st 2024.


Best Newcomer Female Porn Star
26 Hocking BabesBest Brothel
88 on LoganBest Brothel
2024 WinnerA Digital Dream ProductionsBest Videographer
2024 WinnerA Digital Dream ProductionsBest Film Production Company
2024 WinnerA Digital Dream ProductionsBest Video Editor
AceBest Photographer
Adam & Eve EntrainmentBest Party Entertainment
2024 WinnerAdam & Eve EntrainmentBest Stripping Agency
Adam & Eve EntrainmentBest Website
2024 Winner (A TIE)Adam & Eve EntrainmentBest Hen's Party Entertainment
Adella AllureBest BJ
2024 WinnerAdella AllureBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Adella AllureBest Touring Escort
Adella AllureHall of Fame
2024 WinnerAdella Allure & Quinn CartierBest Female Escort Duo
Adriano Cricelli- Diamond EntAlpha Male – Industry Leader
Adriano Cricelli- Diamond EnteBest Business Leadership
Adriano- Diamond EntertainmentBest Male Entrepreneur
2024 WinnerAdult Toy MegastoreNewZealand Best Online Store
Aimee JayBest Female Escort
Aimee JayBest Female Online Content Creator
Aimee JayBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Akira ZaynBest Female Online Content Creator
Aleks AndraAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Aleks AndraBest Female Entrepreneur
Alessia WildeBest BBW
Alessia WildeBest BJ
Alessia WildeBest DFK
Alessia WildeBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Alex - Elite Escort AssistantBest Escort Booker
Alex (Elite Escort Assistant)Best Personal Assistant
AlexbreecooperBest Anal Provider
Alexis HillBest BJ
Alexis HillBest Female Online Content Creator
Alexis HillBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Alexis HillBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Alexis HillBest Photo Authenticity
Alice BlushBest Anal Provider
Alice BlushBest BBW
Alice BlushBest BJ
Alice BlushBest Female Escort
Alice BlushBest Girlfriend Experience
Alice BlushBest Touring Escort
Alleged PhotographyBest Photographer
Alleged PhotographyBest Video Editor
Ally LoveBest BJ
2024 WinnerAlly LoveBest Transgender Escort
2024 WinnerAlly LoveBest Transgender Porn Star
Alycia HeartBest Female Escort
Alycia HeartBest Photo Authenticity
ALYSSA KNewZealand Best Touring Escort
AmandaBest Dinner Date Companion
Amanda DaveyBest Female Online Content Creator
Amanda DaveyBest MILF
Amanda DaveyNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
Amanda DaveyNewZealand Best MILF
Ameila BanksBest Touring Escort
Amity RoseBest DFK
Amity RoseBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
Amity RoseBest Girlfriend Experience
Amity RoseBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Amity RoseBest Touring Escort
AndrewNewZealand Best Male Escort
Andrew BristowBest Male Stripper
Annaliese “Charlie” HickeyBest Female Entrepreneur
Anya St JamesAlpha Female – Industry Leader
ApolloAlpha Male – Industry Leader
ApolloBest Male Online Content Creator
April NitesBest Party Plan Retailer
April RoseBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
2024 WinnerArcher LuxNewZealand Best Male Online Creator
Archer LuxNewZealand Best Male Tattoo Model
Ari WhiteAlpha Male – Industry Leader
Ari WhiteBest Male Online Content Creator
Ari WhiteBest Newcomer Male Porn Star
Aria AvivaAlpha Female – Industry Leader
AriesBest Female Online Content Creator
AriesBest Female Porn Star
Ashleigh AmourBest BBW
Ashleigh AmourBest Dinner Date Companion
Ashleigh AmourBest Female Escort
Ashleigh AmourBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Ashleigh AmourBest Girlfriend Experience
Ashleigh AmourBest MILF
Aspen AimsNewZealand Best BJ
Aspen AimsNewZealand Best Female Tattoo Model
AvaBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Ava ArloBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Ava ArloBest Photo Authenticity
AvalonBest Female Online Content Creator
AvalonBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
AvalonBest Service Provider - Disability Needs
Avery FiresBest BBW
Avery FiresBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Baby PeppaBest Female Online Content Creator
Baby peppaBest Female Porn Star
Baby PeppaBest MILF
Baby PeppaBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Baby Spice - AmarniBest Female Stripper
Baby Spice - AmarniBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
BabyfaceBest Female Stripper
Bailey BaudelaireNewZealand Best Domme/ Dominatrix
Bailey BaudelaireNewZealand Best Female Escort
Bailey BaudelaireNewZealand Best Girlfriend Exprnce (GFE)
Bailey BaudelaireNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
Bailey BaudelaireNewZealand Best Provdr– Disability Needs
Ballet School DropoutsNewZealand Best Burlesque/ Boyesque Prfm
Bare Bros CoBest Hen's Party Entertainment
Be Daring The Adult ShopBest Online Store
Be Daring The Adult ShopBest Retail Chain
2024 WinnerBe Daring The Adult ShopBest Retail Store
Be Daring The Adult ShopBest Website
2024 WinnerBeacon RopesNewZealand Best Rigger/Ropes Mstr/Mstrs
Bella BrookeBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Bella DarlingBest Female Stripper
Bella PeachyBest Social Media Engagement
Best dungeonBest BDSM Venue
Bethany NicholasBest Anal Provider
Bethany NicholasBest BBW
Bethany NicholasBest BJ
Bethany NicholasBest Female Online Content Creator
Bethany NicholasBest MILF
Bethany NicholasBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Bettie Page & CC Rose - Lt CBRBest Female Escort Duo
Bettie Page & CC Rose LangtreeBest Female Brothel Duo
Big KevBest DFK
Billie JamesBest BJ
Billie PequesBest Brothel Receptionist
Billie PequesBest Transgender Escort
Billie PequesIndustry Ambassador
Billie TaylorBest BBW
Billie TaylorBest BJ
Billie TaylorBest Female Online Content Creator
Billie TaylorBest Female Porn Star
Billie TaylorBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Black Friday PhotographyNewZealand Best Photogrpher/ Videogrpher
BlackHat PhotoBest Photographer
Blair BaelyBest Female Online Content Creator
Blair baelyBest Party Entertainment
Blair BaelyBest Social Media Engagement
Blaire HunterBest Industry Advocate
2024 WinnerBlake ShepherdNewZealand Best Male Erotic Massge Prvdr
BodyroticBest Massage Parlour
Bonita Danger DollNewZealand Alpha Female- Industry Leader
Bonita Danger DollNewZealand Best Burlesque/ Boyesque Prfm
Bonita Danger DollNewZealand Best Female Stripper
2024 WinnerBonita Danger DollNewZealand Best Hen's Party Entertainmnt
2024 WinnerBonita Danger DollNewZealand Hall of Fame
Bonnie BlueBest BJ
Bonnie BlueBest Female Escort
Bonnie BlueBest Female Online Content Creator
Bonnie BlueBest Female Porn Star
Bonnie BlueBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Bonnie BlueBest Photo Authenticity
Bonnie Blue & Leilani MayBest Female Escort Duo
Bonnie_WarBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Bonnie_WarBest MILF
Brandi OlsenBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
BratBreakersBest New Product
Bree HartBest Anal Provider
Bree HartBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Bree HartBest Girlfriend Experience
Bree HartBest Touring Escort
Bree HartBest Touring Escort
BriannaBest DFK
BriannaBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
BriannaBest Girlfriend Experience
Brianna from Club 859Best BJ
Bridge Von BurgBest Gentlemen's Club Manager
Bridge Von Burg penthouse clubBest Gentlemen's Club House Mum
Britney BangzBest BJ
Brooke StarrBest Anal Provider
Brooke StarrBest BJ
Brooke StarrBest DFK
Brooke StarrBest Female Escort
Brooke StarrBest Girlfriend Experience
Brooke StarrBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Brooklyn miss ameelia xo 2NewZealand Best BBW
Brooklyn Miss Ameelia xo2Best BBW
Brooklyn Miss Ameelia xo2Best Female Online Content Creator
Bruce Jenkins PhotographyNewZealand Best Photogrpher/ Videogrpher
Bunny HolidayNewZealand Best Drag King/ Queen
2024 WinnerBUNNY KXXXNewZealand Best Transgender Provider
2024 WinnerBy, HerBest Escort Agency
Caleb ArcaneBest Male BDSM Provider
2024 WinnerCalendar Girls NZNewZealand Best Gentlemen's Club
Callum HarperNewZealand Best Male Stripper
CalvistaBest Wholesale Company
2024 WinnerCandiceNewZealand Best Female Stripper
Candice KaneBest BJ
Candice KaneBest Dinner Date Companion
Candice KaneBest Female Escort
Candice KaneBest Girlfriend Experience
Candice KaneBest Social Media Engagement
Captured By MadiBest Photographer
2024 WinnerCarly ElectricAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Carly ElectricBest Dinner Date Companion
2024 WinnerCarly ElectricBest Female Entrepreneur
Carly ElectricBest Female Escort
Carly ElectricBest Social Media Engagement
2024 WinnerCarly ElectricBest Touring Escort
Carman LangeBest Photographer
Chanel and PeachesBest Female Escort Duo
Chanel CarmellaAlpha Female – Industry Leader
CharlieBest MILF
Chase TaylorBest Male Stripper
Chelsea BlackBest Female Online Content Creator
Cherry BoomNewZealand Best Burlesque/ Boyesque Prfm
Cherry PopBest Female Stripper
2024 WinnerCherry PopBest Sexy Fashion Retailer
ChevonneBest Female Escort
ChevonneBest MILF
CHLOÉNewZealand Best Female Erotic Masg Prvdr
Chloe HighgroveBest DFK
Chloe HighgroveBest MILF
Chloe HighgroveBest Touring Escort
Christine-Discreet G'Mens ClubBest Brothel Receptionist
2024 WinnerChristine-Discreet G'Mens ClubBest Escort Booker
Christine-Discreet G'Mens ClubBest Escort Mentor
Christine-Discreet G'Mens ClubBest Gentlemen's Club Receptionist
Christine-Discreet G'Mens ClubBest Journalist/ Presenter/ Blogger
Christine-Discreet G'Mens ClubBest Personal Assistant
2024 WinnerCindy TyneNewZealand Alpha Female- Industry Leader
2024 WinnerCindy TyneNewZealand Best BBW
2024 WinnerCindy TyneNewZealand Best Dinner Date Companion
2024 WinnerCindy TyneNewZealand Best Fetish and Fantasy Prvdr
Cindy TyneNewZealand Best Girlfriend Exprnce (GFE)
2024 WinnerCindy TyneNewZealand Best Industry Advocate
Claredale DistributorsBest Wholesale Company
Clementine carterBest BJ
Clementine carterBest Female Porn Star
Clementine carterBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Cleo d’OrBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Club 8 SpringvaleBest Brothel
Club 316Best Gentlemen's Club
2024 WinnerClub 859Best Brothel
Club BurlesqueNewZealand Best Event
2024 WinnerClub Erotique by Danger DollNewZealand Best Event
2024 WinnerClub EuphoriaBest Gentlemen's Club
Club Vixen BrisbaneBest Dance/Strip Group
Club Vixen BrisbaneBest Gentlemen's Club
2024 WinnerClub XBest Retail Chain
Coco BaeBest BJ
2024 WinnerCoco BaeBest Dinner Date Companion
Coco BaeBest Female Escort
Coco BaeBest Female Porn Star
2024 WinnerCoco BaeBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Coco BaeBest Girlfriend Experience
COCO BELLANewZealand Best Retail Store
Codx96Best Male Online Content Creator
Cora NoireBest Burlesque/ Boyesque Performer
Corky’s ClubBest LGBTIQ+ Event
2024 WinnerCorps de BurlesqueNewZealand Best LGBTIQ+ Focused Business
2024 WinnerCorps de BurlesqueNewZealand Industry Supporting Business
CourtneyBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
2024 WinnerCristiano TerraNewZealand Best Male Escort
Cruel ReellBest Female BDSM Provider
Cruel ReellBest Female Online Content Creator
Cruel ReellBest Female Porn Star
Cruel ReellBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Cruel ReellBest Film Production Company
Cruel ReellBest Girlfriend Experience
Cult CreativeNewZealand Best Photogrpher/ Videogrpher
CyberCandaceNewZealand Best Domme/ Dominatrix
CyberCandaceNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
D Lightful DeeBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
dad_bod55Alpha Male – Industry Leader
2024 WinnerDaddy BrianBest Male BDSM Provider
Daddy BrianBest Male Escort
Daddy Brian Sanctuarystudio69Best Male Online Content Creator
Daddy Brian Sanctuarystudio69Best Male Porn Star
Daddy Brian Sanctuarystudio69Best Photographer
Daddy Brian Sanctuarystudio69Best Website
2024 WinnerDaddy CharlesBest Drag Queen/King Performer
Dainty WilderBest Female Online Content Creator
DallasBest Female Stripper
Dallas RayneBest Female Escort
Dallas RayneBest Female Porn Star
Dallas RayneBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Dallas RayneBest Social Media Engagement
Dallas RayneBest Touring Escort
2024 WinnerDallas RayneHall of Fame
DanNewZealand Best Male Erotic Massge Prvdr
Dani DabelloBest Anal Provider
Dani DabelloBest BJ
Dani DabelloBest Female Online Content Creator
Dani DabelloBest Female Porn Star
2024 WinnerDani DabelloBest MILF
Dani DabelloBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Daniel CruzeAlpha Male – Industry Leader
DANIEL CRUZEBest Male Escort
DANIEL CRUZEBest Male Sensual/ Erotic Massage Prvdr
DANIEL.CRUZEBest Male Online Content Creator
Dare Devil /Storm TrooperBest Female Escort
Dark MatterNewZealand Best Photogrpher/ Videogrpher
Darque PathBest Online Store
Davey HughesAlpha Male – Industry Leader
Delilaah GraceBest Girlfriend Experience
Delilah DanielsBest Female Stripper
Delilah DanielsBest Social Media Engagement
2024 WinnerDelilah DanielsBest XXX Showgirl
Delilah graceBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
2024 WinnerDemasque MagazineBest Magazine
Demi @ Petersham InnBest Female Stripper
Devious AdelaideBest Event
2024 WinnerDiamond EntertainmentBest Party Entertainment
Diamond EntertainmentBest Stripping Agency
Diamond- Diamond EntertainmentBest Female Stripper
Dirty_secrets_xNewZealand Best BBW
Dirty_secrets_xNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
Dirty_secrets_xNewZealand Best MILF
DixonBest Male Stripper
Dolly Ex OhBest Female Online Content Creator
Dolly Ex OhBest Female Porn Star
Dolly Ex OhBest Industry Advocate
Dolly Ex OhBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
EllaBest BJ
EllaBest Female Online Content Creator
EllaBest MILF
Ella RaeNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
Elle SparksNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
ELLIE ZENABest Female Escort
2024 WinnerELLIE ZENABest DFK
ELLIE ZENABest Female Online Content Creator
2024 WinnerELLIE ZENABest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
ELLIE ZENABest Girlfriend Experience
Elora DrakeBest Girlfriend Experience
Emberly AdamsBest BBW
Emberly AdamsBest Female Online Content Creator
Emberly AdamsBest Female Porn Star
Emberly AdamsBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Emma (DC Riverview Tempe)Best Female Stripper
Emma-Rae RoseBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
EmpressBest Dinner Date Companion
EmpressBest Female Entrepreneur
EmpressBest Female Escort
EmpressBest Girlfriend Experience
EmpressBest Party Entertainment
Enigmatic BodyNewZealand Best Male Erotic Massge Prvdr
esme divineBest Female Stripper
2024 WinnerEuphoric TakeoverBest LGBTIQ+ Event
Eva ElfieBest Female Porn Star
Evana De LuneAlpha Female – Industry Leader
2024 WinnerEvana De LuneBest Burlesque/ Boyesque Performer
Evana De LuneBest Photo Authenticity
Evana De LuneBest Social Media Engagement
2024 WinnerExclusv.LifeBest Website
2024 WinnerEXOTIC ANGELSBest Pageant
Fanatic BurlesqueNewZealand Best LGBTIQ+ Focused Business
Fanatic BurlesqueNewZealand Best Online Store
Fanatic BurlesqueNewZealand Best Retail Store
Faux PhallusBest Online Store
Faye FoxxBest BJ
Faye FoxxBest BJ
Faye FoxxBest DFK
Faye FoxxBest Female Escort
Faye FoxxBest Female Escort
Faye FoxxBest Girlfriend Experience
Finley KayBest Male Online Content Creator
2024 WinnerFired Up StilettosNewZealand Industry Ambassador
2024 WinnerFlauntit New ZealandNewZealand Best Party Entertainment
2024 WinnerFlauntit New ZealandNewZealand Best Stripping Agency
Flow labNewZealand Best LGBTIQ+ Focused Business
Flow labNewZealand Industry Supporting Business
Frisky.plussize.barbieBest Female Online Content Creator
Frisky.plussize.barbieNewZealand Best BBW
Frisky.plussize.barbieNewZealand Best BJ
Frisky.plussize.barbieNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
Frisky.plussize.barbieNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
Gab McDonnellBest Female Entrepreneur
Gab McDonnell (Gooey Gab)Best Business Leadership
Garden of edenBest Brothel
Gateway Club OrangeBest Brothel
Gay Stuff MarketsBest LGBTIQ+ Event
Georgia- Diamond EntertainmentBest Female Stripper
Georgie PeachhNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
Georgie PeachhNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
Georgie PeachhNewZealand Best MILF
GiaBest Escort Agency Receptionist
GiaBest Escort Booker
Ginger and ScarlettBest Female Escort Duo
Ginger and ScarlettBest Female Escort Duo
Ginger and ScarlettNewZealand Best Anal Provider
Ginger and ScarlettNewZealand Best BJ
Ginger and ScarlettNewZealand Best Touring Escort
Ginger ReyBest Female Online Content Creator
Girls Get OffNewZealand Industry Supporting Business
GIRLS OF DREAMSBest Stripping Agency
GIRLS OUT WESTBest Film Production Company
Girth BrooksBest Male Escort
Girth MasterBest Male Online Content Creator
2024 WinnerGirth MasterBest Male Porn Star
Glamor EntertainmentBest Stripping Agency
Gotham CityBest Brothel
GQ AustraliaBest Magazine
GRACE THOMPSONBest Dinner Date Companion
GRACE THOMPSONBest Girlfriend Experience
GRACE THOMPSONBest Photo Authenticity
2024 WinnerGRACE THOMPSONBest Service Provider - Disability Needs
Grace WoodsBest Female Escort
Grace WoodsBest Female Online Content Creator
Grace WoodsBest Girlfriend Experience
Grace WoodsBest MILF
Grace WoodsBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Gv_1987Best Female Online Content Creator
GvccimamaAlpha Female – Industry Leader
GvccimamaBest Escort Mentor
GvccimamaBest MILF
GvccimamaHall of Fame
GvccimamaIndustry Ambassador
Hamilton EntertainmentBest Escort Agency
Harlots CanberraBest Brothel
Harlots CanberraBest Escort Agency
Harper ValentineAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Harper ValentineBest Anal Provider
Harper ValentineBest Female Porn Star
Harper ValentineBest Service Provider - Disability Needs
Harper Valentine and Lex LeighBest Female Escort Duo
Harry BelmontBest Male Escort
Havana IvyBest Female Online Content Creator
Havana IvyBest MILF
Havana IvyBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Hayley CarterBest BBW
Hayley CarterBest Female Online Content Creator
Hayley CarterBest MILF
Hayley- Diamond EntertainmentBest Female Stripper
Heavenly CreaturesBest Dance/Strip Group
Heidi HiltonBest Female Stripper
HeidiVBest Anal Provider
HeidivnetBest MILF
Helena babeNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
Helena babeNewZealand Best MILF
2024 WinnerHell in HeelsBest Dance/Strip Group
Hella HeelsIndustry Supporting Business
Hennessy @ Petersham InnBest Female Stripper
High HeelsBest Sexy Fashion Retailer
Hismith ServokBest New Product
Holly - Phone Sex AustraliaBest Female Entrepreneur
Holly - Phone Sex AustraliaBest Female Online Content Creator
Holly - Phone Sex AustraliaBest Social Media Engagement
Holly - Phone Sex AustraliaBest Webmaster/ Developer
Holly - Phone Sex AustraliaBest Website
Holly - Phone Sex AustraliaIndustry Ambassador
Honey HarlowBest BBW
Honey HarlowBest BJ
Honey HarlowBest DFK
Honey HarlowBest Female BDSM Provider
Honey HarlowBest Female Online Content Creator
Honey HarlowBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
2024 WinnerHotcuppamiloNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
HotcuppamiloNewZealand Best Male Tattoo Model
2024 WinnerIgnition PerthBest BDSM Venue
2024 WinnerIgnition PerthBest Business Leadership
Ignition PerthBest Event
2024 WinnerIgnition PerthBest Industry Advocate
2024 WinnerIgnition PerthIndustry Supporting Business
2024 WinnerikandiNewZealand Best Brothel
ikandiNewZealand Best Escort Agency
IkandiNewZealand Best Gentlemen's Club
ikandiNewZealand Best Hen's Party Entertainmnt
ikandiNewZealand Best Party Entertainment
ikandiNewZealand Best Stripping Agency
2024 WinnerIndian HeerNewZealand Best Female Erotic Masg Prvdr
2024 WinnerIndian HeerNewZealand Best Female Escort
2024 WinnerIndian HeerNewZealand Best Girlfriend Exprnce (GFE)
Indian HeerNewZealand Best Sex Therapist
Insaysia MinxBest BBW
Insaysia MinxBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Isabella RoseBest BBW
Isabella St JamesBest Dinner Date Companion
Isabella St JamesBest Female Escort
Isabella St JamesBest Girlfriend Experience
Isabella St JamesBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Isabelle AngelBest DFK
Isabelle AngelBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
Isabelle AngelBest Girlfriend Experience
It’s not me blondieBest Female Online Content Creator
ItsmattmckaneNewZealand Best Male Online Creator
Itsnotmeblondie_Best MILF
ItsthatkiwigirlNewZealand Best BJ
ItsthatkiwigirlNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
ItsthatkiwigirlNewZealand Best Female Porn Star
itsthatkiwigirlNewZealand Best Fetish and Fantasy Prvdr
2024 WinnerItsthatkiwigirlNewZealand Best Social Media Engagement
ItsthatkiwigirlNewZealand Hall of Fame
itstiffanysworldBest Female Online Content Creator
Ivy DragonNewZealand Best Female Stripper
2024 Winner (A TIE)Ivy DragonNewZealand Best XXX Showgirl
Ivy RaeBest BBW
Ivy RaeBest BJ
Ivy RoseBest Female Online Content Creator
2024 WinnerIvy Rose & Zoe VixenBest Female Brothel Duo
Jack MartinBest Male Escort
Jack MartinBest Newcomer Male Porn Star
2024 WinnerJack SwallowsNewZealand Best Burlesque/ Boyesque Prfm
2024 WinnerJack SwallowsNewZealand Best Drag King/ Queen
Jackel DollBest Drag Queen/King Performer
Jackel DollBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
Jackie DanielsBest Drag Queen/King Performer
James BoffBest Photographer
Jane Naughty MomBest MILF
2024 WinnerJas strongAlpha Male – Industry Leader
2024 WinnerJas strongBest Male Entrepreneur
Jas strongBest Male Escort
Jas strongBest Male Online Content Creator
Jas strongBest Male Porn Star
Jas strongHall of Fame
Jason GallagherNewZealand Best Industry Manager
JayNewZealand Alpha Male- Industry Leader
JayNewZealand Best Industry Manager
JayNewZealand Best Male Stripper
JayNewZealand Hall of Fame
Jay CharlesBest Male Escort
Jayme BoswellAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Jazz- Diamond EntertainmentBest Female Stripper
Jenna GrayBest Gentlemen's Club Receptionist
Jenna VeuveAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Jenna VeuveBest Industry Advocate
Jess Henry - Vixen BrisbaneBest Gentlemen's Club Manager
2024 WinnerJess SouthgateNewZealand Best Industry Manager
Jessica LusciousBest Girlfriend Experience
Jessica PaigeBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
JESSICA ROSE WILDERNewZealand Best Touring Escort
Joel TylerBest Male Online Content Creator
Joel TylerBest Male Porn Star
Joel TylerBest Newcomer Male Porn Star
John PrykeBest Photographer
Jordan MillicentBest BJ
2024 WinnerJordan MillicentBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
Jordan QuinnNewZealand Alpha Female- Industry Leader
Jordan QuinnNewZealand Best BJ
Jordan QuinnNewZealand Best Dinner Date Companion
Jordan QuinnNewZealand Best Girlfriend Exprnce (GFE)
Jordan QuinnNewZealand Best Industry Advocate
Jordan QuinnNewZealand Hall of Fame
2024 WinnerJordan SummersBest Escort Mentor
Jordan SummersBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Jordan SummersBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Jordan SummersBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Jordan SummersBest Touring Escort
Jordan SummersHall of Fame
Jordan's Whoreversary Orgy!NewZealand Best Event
Jordy HarleyBest Female Entrepreneur
Jordy HarleyBest Female Stripper
Jordy HarleyBest Party Entertainment
Jordynn WildBest BJ
Jordynn WildBest Female Online Content Creator
Jordynn WildBest MILF
Justin LeoBest Male Stripper
Jynx JacksonBest Female Online Content Creator
Kandice LeeBest Anal Provider
Kandice LeeBest Female Escort
Kandice LeeBest MILF
Karma - Langtrees CanberraBest Brothel Receptionist
Karma - Langtrees CanberraBest Escort Agency Receptionist
Karma - Langtrees CanberraBest Gentlemen's Club Receptionist
Kaspian KinbakuNewZealand Best Rigger/Ropes Mstr/Mstrs
Kat SquirtBest Female Porn Star
2024 WinnerKatija CortezBest Female Escort
Katija CortezBest Journalist/ Presenter/ Blogger
2024 WinnerKatija CortezIndustry Ambassador
Kay FettBest Female Online Content Creator
Kay FettBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Kay FettBest Social Media Engagement
2024 WinnerKay ManuelBest Anal Provider
2024 WinnerKay ManuelBest BJ
2024 WinnerKay ManuelBest Female Online Content Creator
2024 WinnerKay ManuelBest Female Porn Star
2024 WinnerKay ManuelBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
2024 WinnerKay ManuelBest Photo Authenticity
Kayla Jade EastBest Female Online Content Creator
Kayli WynneBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
KeeganBest BBW
Keith BoswellHall of Fame
KhloeBest Anal Provider
KhloeBest BJ
KhloeBest Girlfriend Experience
KhloeBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Kiara EdwardsAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Kiara EdwardsBest Dinner Date Companion
Kiara EdwardsBest Female Porn Star
Kiara EdwardsBest MILF
Kiara EdwardsBest Social Media Engagement
Kiara EdwardsHall of Fame
KikiBest XXX Showgirl
2024 WinnerKiki & ShortiiiBest Striptease Duo
Kiki IsobelBest Female Online Content Creator
Kiki IsobelBest Female Porn Star
Kiki kissesNewZealand Best Burlesque/ Boyesque Prfm
Kiki laRouxNewZealand Best Burlesque/ Boyesque Prfm
Kiki RoseBest DFK
KimmyBest Female Stripper
Kinky NoraBest Anal Provider
KinkykiwichickBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
KinkZone ACTBest BDSM Venue
Kirrah LeighBest Female BDSM Provider
Kirrah LeighBest Female Escort
Kirrah LeighBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Kirrah LeighBest Girlfriend Experience
Kirrah LeighBest Girlfriend Experience
Kirstyn LouiseBest Anal Provider
Kirstyn LouiseBest BJ
Kirstyn LouiseBest Girlfriend Experience
Kirstyn LouiseBest Touring Escort
Kirstyn LouiseNewZealand Best Girlfriend Exprnce (GFE)
Kitana- Diamond EntertainmentBest Female Stripper
KittehnBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Kittens and CougarsBest Brothel
KittyBest BJ
KittyBest Female Online Content Creator
KittyNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
KittyNewZealand Best Fetish and Fantasy Prvdr
KittyNewZealand Best Girlfriend Exprnce (GFE)
KittyNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
Kourtney-Diamond EntertainmentBest Female Escort
KrystalBest BBW
KrystalBest BJ
KrystalBest DFK
KrystalBest Dinner Date Companion
KrystalBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
KrystalBest MILF
2024 WinnerKrystal Club Euphoria CanberraBest Gentlemen's Club House Mum
Krystal Sandra - Langtrees CBRBest Brothel Receptionist
2024 WinnerKrystal Sandra - Langtrees CBRBest Escort Agency Receptionist
2024 WinnerKrystal Sandra - Langtrees CBRBest Gentlemen's Club Receptionist
LACEYNewZealand Best Female Stripper
LahlahBest BJ
Lahlah84Alpha Female – Industry Leader
2024 WinnerLahlah84Best Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Lahlah84Best MILF
Lahlah84Best Newcomer Female Porn Star
Lahlah84Industry Ambassador
Langtrees VIP Lounge CanberraBest Brothel
Langtrees VIP Lounge CanberraBest Escort Agency
Langtrees VIP Lounge CanberraBest Gentlemen's Club
Laura / Lissom MassageBest Business Leadership
Laura luxeBest Dinner Date Companion
2024 WinnerLauren VioletBest Sex Therapist
2024 WinnerLayla KellyNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
2024 WinnerLayla KellyNewZealand Best Female Porn Star
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Layla KellyNewZealand Hall of Fame
Leena LushBest BBW
Leena LushBest BJ
Leena LushBest DFK
Leena LushBest Dinner Date Companion
Leena LushBest Girlfriend Experience
Leilani MayBest BJ
Leilani MayBest Female Escort
Leilani MayBest Female Online Content Creator
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Lena SinsBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
LeonNewZealand Best Male Escort
Lexi MaeBest BBW
Lexi MaeBest Girlfriend Experience
Lexi MaeBest Touring Escort
Lia JayeBest Female Online Content Creator
Lilly MooreBest DFK
Lily LeouBest BBW
Lily LeouBest BJ
Lily LeouBest Female Online Content Creator
Lily LeouBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Lily LeouBest Social Media Engagement
Lioness BoudoirNewZealand Best Photogrpher/ Videogrpher
Lissa - FunhouseNewZealand Best Female Escort
2024 WinnerLissom MassageBest Massage Parlour
Little Miss BBWAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Little miss BBWBest BBW
Little Miss BBWBest Escort Mentor
Little Miss BBWBest Female Entrepreneur
Little Miss BBWBest Female Porn Star
Little Miss BBWBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Little RedBest Female Entrepreneur
Logan StapletonAlpha Male – Industry Leader
Logan StapletonBest Male Stripper
2024 WinnerLogan StapletonBest Male Tattoo Model/ Actor
LolaBest BBW
Lola 🦋Best Female Online Content Creator
Lola🤍🦋Best Female Stripper
2024 WinnerLolli Wraps XBest Online Store
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2024 WinnerLolli Wraps XBest Wholesale Company
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Lollipop LoveBest Female Online Content Creator
Lomi massageBest Massage Parlour
Luci PowerAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Luci PowerBest Female Entrepreneur
Luci PowerBest MILF
Lucia - Lissom MassageBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Lucia - Lissom MassageBest Massage Parlour Receptionist
LuciferBest Newcomer Male Porn Star
LuciferBest Photo Authenticity
LUCY ADLERBest Female Online Content Creator
LUCY ADLERAlpha Female – Industry Leader
LUCY ADLERBest Female Porn Star
LUCY ADLERBest Social Media Engagement
LUCY ADLER..Best Girlfriend Experience
Lucy BanksAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Lucy BanksBest Business Leadership
Lucy BanksBest Female Entrepreneur
Lucy BanksBest Industry Advocate
Lucy BanksHall of Fame
Lucy LynchNewZealand Best Burlesque/ Boyesque Prfm
Lucy SinclairBest Burlesque/ Boyesque Performer
Lucy SinclairBest Female Online Content Creator
Lucy SinclairBest Female Stripper
Lucy SinclairBest MILF
Lucy SinclairBest XXX Showgirl
Lucy SinclairHall of Fame
Lucys little secretBest BBW
Lucys little secretBest Female Online Content Creator
Lucys little secretBest Photo Authenticity
Lucys little secretBest Social Media Engagement
Luna RodgersBest Dinner Date Companion
Luna RodgersBest Female Online Content Creator
Luna RodgersBest Female Stripper
Luna rodgersBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Luna RodgersBest Party Entertainment
Luna RodgersBest XXX Showgirl
Luna SparksBest Female Porn Star
LunettaBest Personal Assistant
Luvely LaceyNewZealand Best Female Erotic Masg Prvdr
Lydia LustBest Anal Provider
Lydia LustBest Female Escort
Lydia LustBest Photo Authenticity
Lydia LustBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Maddi MillerBest Female Online Content Creator
MaddicBest Photographer
Maddic PhotographyBest Female Entrepreneur
Maddison JonesBest Female Escort
2024 WinnerMannie CocoBest Male Stripper
Maple RoseBest Burlesque/ Boyesque Performer
Mariah BlackBest BJ
Marilyn MerlotBest Female Online Content Creator
Marilyn MerlotBest Girlfriend Experience
Marilyn MerlotBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Marilyn MerlotBest Photo Authenticity
2024 WinnerMarilyn MerlotBest Social Media Engagement
Markus WolfBest Sex Therapist
Max @ BodyroticBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Max ValentineBest Male Escort
Maz - Pony AdelaideBest Gentlemen's Club House Mum
MazeofSinsBest Dance/Strip Group
MazeofSinsBest Striptease Duo
Mel - Unleashed StrippersBest Stripping Agency
Melanie ForresterBest Massage Parlour Receptionist
Melissa MackBest BBW
Melissa MackBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
Melissa MackBest MILF
Men Of DreamsBest Dance/Strip Group
Men Of DreamsBest Hen's Party Entertainment
Men Of DreamsBest Party Entertainment
Men Of DreamsBest Stripping Agency
Mens Gallery SydneyBest Gentlemen's Club
MenxclusiveBest Dance/Strip Group
2024 Winner (A TIE)MenxclusiveBest Hen's Party Entertainment
Michael ArdernAlpha Male – Industry Leader
Michael ArdernBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Michael ArdernBest Male Escort
2024 WinnerMichelle KaseyNewZealand Best Sex Therapist
Mila MontereyBest BBW
Million Billion MediaBest Website
Million Billion MediaIndustry Supporting Business
MishkaAlpha Female – Industry Leader
MishkaBest MILF
Miss Ava AdoreAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Miss BlissBest Female BDSM Provider
Miss BlissBest Female Porn Star
Miss BlissBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Miss BlissBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Miss BlissBest Photo Authenticity
Miss BlissBest Service Provider - Disability Needs
Miss EroticaBest Pageant
Miss Jackie DeeBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Miss Jackie DeeBest MILF
Miss Jackie DeeBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Miss Jackie DeeBest Photo Authenticity
2024 WinnerMiss Jessica JadeBest BBW
Miss Jessica JadeBest Female Online Content Creator
Miss Jessica JadeBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Miss MimaBest Female BDSM Provider
Miss MimaBest Female Online Content Creator
Miss MimaBest Female Porn Star
Miss MimaBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Miss MimaBest Service Provider - Disability Needs
Miss MimaBest Sex Therapist
Miss NudeBest Pageant
Missy MagooNewZealand Best Female Escort
Missy MagooNewZealand Best Female Stripper
Mistiques NewtownBest Massage Parlour
Mistress AnastasiaAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Mistress AnastasiaBest Female BDSM Provider
Mistress AnastasiaBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Mistress AnastasiaBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Mistress AnastasiaBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Mistress AnastasiaBest Touring Escort
Mistress ChaliceBest Female BDSM Provider
2024 WinnerMistress ChevonneBest Female BDSM Provider
Misty EssexBest BJ
monslifexBest Female Entrepreneur
monslifexBest Female Online Content Creator
monslifexBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Mr BattlerzBest Male Online Content Creator
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MR CRUZEBest Dinner Date Companion
MR CRUZEBest Male Entrepreneur
MR CRUZEBest Male Escort
Mr LDN LadBest Male Online Content Creator
Mr LDN LadBest Male Porn Star
Mr LDN LadBest Newcomer Male Porn Star
MrLahBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
MrLahBest Male Entrepreneur
MrLahBest Newcomer Male Porn Star
Mrs BattlerzAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Mrs BattlerzBest Female Online Content Creator
Mrs BattlerzBest MILF
Mrs BattlerzBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Mrs BeaBest BBW
Mrs BeaBest Female Online Content Creator
Mrs BeaBest MILF
Ms PhoenixNewZealand Best Dinner Date Companion
Ms PhoenixNewZealand Best Female Escort
Ms PhoenixNewZealand Best Female Tattoo Model
2024 WinnerMs PhoenixNewZealand Best Touring Escort
Ms PhoenixNewZealand Hall of Fame
2024 WinnerMysteryJayneNewZealand Best MILF
2024 WinnerMs. DespoinaNewZealand Best Domme/ Dominatrix
Mysty NyaBest Female Stripper
Nadine Harlots MackayBest Brothel Receptionist
Nakita FoxNewZealand Best Anal Provider
Nancy BoyNewZealand Best Drag King/ Queen
Nasty SecretsBest Online Store
2024 WinnerNasty SecretsBest Party Plan Retailer
Natasha - The Vault on RuthvenBest Gentlemen's Club Manager
Natasha JaneBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Natasha ThomasNewZealand Alpha Female- Industry Leader
Natasha ThomasNewZealand Best Industry Advocate
Natasha ThomasNewZealand Hall of Fame
Naughty AdsBest Online Directory
Nawa HongiNewZealand Best Rigger/Ropes Mstr/Mstrs
Naya ArianBest Female BDSM Provider
Ness QuickNewZealand Best Drag King/ Queen
Newcastle LabyrinthBest BDSM Venue
Next To NothingBest Wholesale Company
Nikita BelleBest BJ
Nikita BelleBest Female Online Content Creator
Nikita BelleBest Female Porn Star
Nikita BelleBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Nikita SageBest XXX Showgirl
NocturnessNewZealand Best Burlesque/ Boyesque Prfm
NocturnessNewZealand Hall of Fame
Nova HawthorneBest Female Online Content Creator
Nova HawthorneBest Female Porn Star
Nova HawthorneBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Nova HawthorneIndustry Ambassador
OdetteNoirNewZealand Best Anal Provider
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OldmatewinkyBest Male Entrepreneur
OldmatewinkyBest Newcomer Male Porn Star
OldmatewinkyBest Photo Authenticity
OldmatewinkyBest Social Media Engagement
Olive EvansNewZealand Best BBW
OliviaBest Webmaster/ Developer
Olivia Leigh boudoirBest Photographer
Olys AngelsBest Female Entrepreneur
2024 WinnerOlys AngelsBest Personal Assistant
Only BubblesBest Female Online Content Creator
OnlyanastasiaNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
OpheliaStyxBest Transgender Porn Star
OptiMysticXBest Female Online Content Creator
OptiMysticXBest MILF
Our Secret SpotBest BDSM Venue
Our Secret SpotBest Event
Our Secret SpotBest LGBTIQ+ Event
Our Secret SpotBest Party Entertainment
Our Secret SpotBest Podcast
Our Secret SpotBest Social Media Engagement
2024 WinnerPaige - Lissom MassageBest Massage Parlour Receptionist
Paige WildBest BBW
Paige WildBest Girlfriend Experience
PaisleeBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
2024 WinnerParadise ClubNewZealand Best Escort Agency
Paris la MooreAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Paris La MooreBest Business Leadership
Paris La MooreBest Gentlemen's Club Manager
Paris La MooreBest Social Media Engagement
Pash SeductiveBest Photographer
Pash SeductiveBest Video Editor
Pash SeductiveBest Videographer
2024 WinnerPatricia Peters - Pleasure ToyBest Journalist/ Presenter/ Blogger
Payge StanleyBest Female Online Content Creator
Payge stanleyNewZealand Best BJ
Payge stanleyNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
Payge stanleyNewZealand Best Female Porn Star
Payge stanleyNewZealand Best Female Tattoo Model
Peach LareuBest BJ
Peach LareuBest Female Escort
2024 WinnerPeach LareuBest Female Stripper
2024 WinnerPeach LareuBest Girlfriend Experience
Peach LareuBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Peach LareuBest XXX Showgirl
2024 WinnerPeaches and CreamNewZealand Best Retail Store
Peaches BratBest XXX Showgirl
Pearl next doorBest Girlfriend Experience
Peninsula SaunaBest LGBTIQ+ Sauna
Penny LuckBest Burlesque/ Boyesque Performer
Penny LuckBest Female Stripper
Penny LuckBest XXX Showgirl
PenthouseBest Magazine
Penthouse Club Birthday EventsBest Event
Penthouse Club PerthBest Gentlemen's Club
PersephoneNewZealand Best Transgender Provider
Perth Steam WorksBest LGBTIQ+ Sauna
Perversity XBest Escort Mentor
Perversity XBest Industry Advocate
Perversity XIndustry Supporting Business
Petersham InnBest Gentlemen's Club
2024 WinnerPhil ShootsNewZealand Best Photogrpher/ Videogrpher
Phoenix FortayNewZealand Best Burlesque/ Boyesque Prfm
Phoenix FortayNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
PhoenixxchelseaBest DFK
PhoenixxchelseaBest Female Entrepreneur
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2024 WinnerPinkietartsNewZealand Best BJ
PinkietartsNewZealand Best Female Porn Star
PinkietartsNewZealand Best Fetish and Fantasy Prvdr
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2024 WinnerPinkietartsNewZealand Best Provdr– Disability Needs
Piper SwiperBest Female Online Content Creator
Piper SwiperBest Female Porn Star
Piper SwiperBest MILF
Piper SwiperBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Pipers Range TamworthBest Escort Agency
Platinum EntertainmentNewZealand Best Party Entertainment
Platinum PromotionsBest Stripping Agency
plentyofpeachBest BBW
PlumperpassBest Film Production Company
PMRBest Gentlemen's Club
Poledoir PhotographyBest Photographer
Pony AdelaideBest Hen's Party Entertainment
Poppy FlossAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Poppy FlossBest BBW
Poppy FlossIndustry Ambassador
Pov MasterBest Male Online Content Creator
POV MasterBest Male Porn Star
POV masterBest Male Tattoo Model/ Actor
POV MasterBest Newcomer Male Porn Star
Prada ClutchBest Drag Queen/King Performer
Princess PeachesBest Female Online Content Creator
Princess PoppyBest Female Porn Star
2024 WinnerPrivate nightsBest Event
PrivatenightsBest Website
Quiver PartiesBest Party Plan Retailer
Rachael - Langtrees CanberraBest Business Leadership
Rachael - Langtrees CanberraBest Gentlemen's Club House Mum
Rachael - Langtrees CanberraBest Gentlemen's Club Manager
Rachael LangtreesAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Rain MorganBest BBW
Rain MorganBest BJ
Rain MorganBest Female BDSM Provider
Rain MorganBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Rain MorganBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Rain MorganBest Touring Escort
Raven DBest BBW
Raven DBest Girlfriend Experience
Raya FoxNewZealand Best Anal Provider
Raya FoxNewZealand Best Female Escort
Raya FoxNewZealand Best Fetish and Fantasy Prvdr
Raya FoxNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
Raya FoxNewZealand Best Porn Star Experience
Raya FoxNewZealand Best Sex Therapist
Rebecca HarrisonIndustry Ambassador
Red DevilNewZealand Best Female Tattoo Model
Red FoxNewZealand Best Domme/ Dominatrix
Red IvyBest BBW
Red IvyBest BJ
Red IvyBest Female Online Content Creator
2024 WinnerRenee HayesBest Brothel Receptionist
Renegade PhotographicsBest Photographer
Rhys SensualBest Male Tattoo Model/ Actor
Richard ArthurBest Photographer
Riley MacDonaldBest DFK
Riley MacDonaldBest Dinner Date Companion
Riley MacDonaldBest Female Escort
Riley MacDonaldBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Riley MacDonaldBest Girlfriend Experience
Riley RoseBest Transgender Escort
Risque & RyeBest Striptease Duo
Rocco ReedBest Male Escort
2024 WinnerRoladexBest Online Directory
Rosie MedinaBest Female Online Content Creator
Roxxii RiversBest BJ
Roxxii RiversBest Female Escort
Roxxii RiversBest Female Online Content Creator
Roxxii RiversBest Girlfriend Experience
Ruby BlossomAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Ruby BlossomBest BBW
Ruby BlossomBest Female Escort
Ruby BlossomBest Female Online Content Creator
Ruby BlossomBest Female Porn Star
Ruby BlossomBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Ruby MayBest Female Online Content Creator
Ruby RoseNewZealand Best Porn Star Experience
Ryan ReignsBest Male Porn Star
Ryan ReignsBest Newcomer Male Porn Star
Ryan UnderwoodBest Business Leadership
Ryan underwoodBest Male Entrepreneur
Ryder (DC Riverview Tempe)Best Female Stripper
2024 WinnerRyder DeepBest Male Online Content Creator
Sabrina MorganBest Transgender Porn Star
SalemNewZealand Best Female Stripper
SammyAlpha Male – Industry Leader
SammyBest Hen's Party Entertainment
SammyBest Male Entrepreneur
SammyBest Male Stripper
SammyBest Newcomer Male Porn Star
Sammy Dunn PhotographyBest Photographer
Sammy Dunn PhotographyBest Photographer
Sara WhiteBest Sex Therapist
Sarah ButtonBest Female Online Content Creator
Sasha SinnsBest DFK
Sasha SinnsBest MILF
SassyBest Female Online Content Creator
SassyBest MILF
Sassy (DC Riverview Tempe)Best Female Stripper
Savannah JadeBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Scarlett RoseBest Female Stripper
Scarlett RoseBest Hen's Party Entertainment
Scarlett RoseBest MILF
Scarlett RoseBest Party Entertainment
Scarlett RoseBest XXX Showgirl
Scarlett Rose and Lauren LilyBest Striptease Duo
Selena SorrentoBest BJ
Selena SorrentoBest Female Escort
Selena SorrentoBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Semisi SikeiNewZealand Best Drag King/ Queen
2024 WinnerSensuousBest New Product
Sexpo AustraliaBest Event
SEXTOWELS.COM™Best New Product
SEXTOWELS.COM™Best Online Store
SEXTOWELS.COM™Best Webmaster/ Developer
Shania TwattBest Drag Queen/King Performer
2024 WinnerShannon Club Euphoria CanberraBest Gentlemen's Club Manager
Share Direct LinkAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Sharni JaneAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Sharni JaneBest Female Entrepreneur
2024 WinnerShot By CraigBest Photographer
Sidney SaaymanAlpha Male – Industry Leader
Sidney SaaymanBest Burlesque/ Boyesque Performer
Sidney SaaymanBest Hen's Party Entertainment
Sidney SaaymanBest Male Stripper
Sienna GraceBest Female Escort
Sienna GraceBest Female Online Content Creator
Sienna GraceBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Sienna GraceBest Social Media Engagement
Silkie SmoothBest Female Sensual/ Erotic Massge Prvdr
Silkie Smooth ( Gotham City )Best Female Escort
Silver RoxBest Drag Queen/King Performer
Simply ErotixBest Retail Store
Six Inch MinxAlpha Female – Industry Leader
Six Inch MinxBest Burlesque/ Boyesque Performer
Six Inch MinxBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
SkokkaBest Online Directory
Skye DanielsBest Dinner Date Companion
Skye DanielsBest Female Escort
Skye DanielsBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Skye DanielsBest Girlfriend Experience
Skylar LeighNewZealand Alpha Female- Industry Leader
Skylar LeighNewZealand Best Female Online Creator
Slothy - ProdbySlothBest Videographer
Slothy - ProdbySlothIndustry Supporting Business
Social Butterfly EntertainmentNewZealand Best Stripping Agency
Solstice EveBest Female Online Content Creator
Solstice EveBest Female Stripper
Solstice EveBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
Sookie CyanideBest Transgender Escort
SookyBest Photographer
Sophia RoyaleNewZealand Best BJ
2024 WinnerSophia RoyaleNewZealand Best Female Tattoo Model
Sophia RoyaleNewZealand Best Girlfriend Exprnce (GFE)
Sophia RoyaleNewZealand Best Porn Star Experience
Sophia RoyaleNewZealand Hall of Fame
Sophie Joy's ToysBest New Product
Sophie Joy's ToysBest Online Store
Sophie Joy's ToysBest Sexy Fashion Retailer
Sophie Joy's ToysBest Website
Splash ClubNewZealand Best Brothel
Squishy PeachBest Female Online Content Creator
Stacey SmomBest BJ
Stacey SmomBest Female Online Content Creator
Stacey SmomBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
Stacey SmomBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Stacey SmomBest Photo Authenticity
StarNewZealand Best XXX Showgirl
Stassi LaneBest DFK
Stassi LaneBest Female Escort
Stassi LaneBest Girlfriend Experience
Stefan/Cristian XclusiveBest Burlesque/ Boyesque Performer
Stilettos BrothelBest Brothel
Studio HoneysBest Brothel
Sunny JayneBest BBW
Sunny JayneBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Sweet SashBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Sweet SuccubusBest Female Online Content Creator
Sweet SuccubusBest Female Porn Star
SydneyBest Female Escort
Sydney seductressheelsBest Anal Provider
Sydney seductressheelsBest BJ
Sydney seductressheelsBest Girlfriend Experience
Sydney seductressheelsBest MILF
Sydney seductressheelsBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Sydney Topless WaitressesBest Party Entertainment
Sydney Topless WaitressesBest Stripping Agency
Sydney Topless WaitressesBest Website
Symphony Rose - The Vault...Best Gentlemen's Club House Mum
Taboo Burswood Pty LtdBest Retail Store
Taboo CornerNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
Taboo CornerNewZealand Best Male Online Creator
Tahlia RozaBest Female Online Content Creator
Tahlia RozaBest Female Porn Star
Tahlia RozaBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
Tahlia RozaBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Tahlia RozaBest Photo Authenticity
Tahlia RozaBest Social Media Engagement
TarinaNewZealand Best Photogrpher/ Videogrpher
Tash Hamilton Kylie KennedyBest Female Escort Duo
Tasha PaigeBest Female Entrepreneur
Tasha PaigeBest Female Online Content Creator
Tasha PaigeBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
Tatiana RoseBest BJ
Taylor MitchellBest Female Online Content Creator
Taylor MitchellBest Striptease Duo
Taylor MitchellBest XXX Showgirl
ThatmumnextdoorxBest Female Online Content Creator
ThatmumnextdoorxBest MILF
The Apollo ShowAlpha Male – Industry Leader
The Apollo ShowBest Male Online Content Creator
The Apollo ShowBest Male Porn Star
The Apollo ShowBest Male Stripper
2024 WinnerThe Art of TouchBest Male Sensual/ Erotic Massage Prvdr
The Boardroom of MelbourneBest Brothel
2024 WinnerThe Court HotelBest LGBTIQ+ Bar
The Dollhouse EscortsNewZealand Best Escort Agency
The Erotic BallBest Event
2024 WinnerThe Kat & Mark ShowBest Podcast
The LairdBest LGBTIQ+ Bar
2024 WinnerThe Lost ShepherdNewZealand Alpha Male- Industry Leader
2024 WinnerThe Lost ShepherdNewZealand Best Male Stripper
2024 WinnerThe Lost ShepherdNewZealand Best Male Tattoo Model
The Lost ShepherdNewZealand Hall of Fame
The Love Collection LingerieBest New Product
The Love Collection LingerieBest Online Store
The Love Collection LingerieBest Sexy Fashion Retailer
The Mermaid AucklandNewZealand Best Gentlemen's Club
The Mermaid WellingtonNewZealand Best Gentlemen's Club
The New Golden AppleBest Female Brothel Duo
The PeelBest LGBTIQ+ Bar
The Penthouse Ladies in RedBest Gentlemen's Club Manager
The Sefton PlayhouseBest Gentlemen's Club
The StallionsNewZealand Best Dance/ Strip Group
The StallionsNewZealand Best Hen's Party Entertainmnt
The Vault on RuthvenBest Gentlemen's Club
The Vault on RuthvenBest Social Media Engagement
The Venus RoomNewZealand Best Brothel
2024 WinnerThe Whor'doeuvresNewZealand Best Dance/ Strip Group
Thelifeofahotwife- thefunmilfBest Website
TheoBest Male Online Content Creator
Theos POVBest Male Porn Star
ThewoodsnymphBest Female Escort
ThewoodsnymphBest Female Online Content Creator
ThewoodsnymphBest Girlfriend Experience
ThewoodsnymphBest MILF
ThewoodsnymphBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Thomas ThickBest Male Escort
ThrillnoirIndustry Supporting Business
TIA CARRERABest Female Stripper
Tiger LilzBest Female Online Content Creator
Tiger LilzBest Newcomer Female Porn Star
Togfux / Harper ValentineBest Photographer
Togfux / Harper ValentineBest Videographer
Tommy HartAlpha Male – Industry Leader
2024 WinnerTommy HartBest Male Escort
Tommy HartBest Male Online Content Creator
Tommy HartBest Photo Authenticity
Tommy HartIndustry Ambassador
Tori BaxterBest Female BDSM Provider
Tory skyyNewZealand Best BBW
Tory_skyyNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
Totally AdultBest Retail Chain
Tracey GuilleBest Photo Authenticity
Tragic MikeNewZealand Alpha Male- Industry Leader
Tragic MikeNewZealand Best Dance/ Strip Group
TrillianNewZealand Best Burlesque/ Boyesque Prfm
Trixie WhiteBest BBW
Trixie WhiteBest Fetish and Fantasy Provider
Trixie WhiteBest Girlfriend Experience
Trixie WhiteBest MILF
TS AaliyahBest Transgender Escort
TS AaliyahBest Transgender Porn Star
TS BUNNYKXXXBest Transgender Porn Star
TS Lunar BelleBest Transgender Escort
TylaBest Brothel Receptionist
Under the CoversBest Podcast
urfavkiwimilfNewZealand Best Industry Newcomer
Vanessa DeeBest BBW
Verity JohnsonNewZealand Hall of Fame
Vivienne BlackBest Dinner Date Companion
Vivienne BlackBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Vivienne BlackBest Touring Escort
Vivienne GreeneBest Anal Provider
Vivienne GreeneBest DFK
Vivienne GreeneBest Female Escort
Vivienne GreeneBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Vivienne GreeneBest Girlfriend Experience
Vivienne GreeneBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Vixen TempleNewZealand Hall of Fame
Vixen TempleNewZealand Industry Ambassador
2024 WinnerWet Spa & SaunaBest LGBTIQ+ Sauna
Wild Kat PhotographyBest Photographer
Wild SecretsNewZealand Best Online Store
WillowNewZealand Best Transgender Provider
Xena ManagementBest Business Leadership
Xepher BaxterBest Female Entrepreneur
Yung BeauBest Male Stripper
Zac HunterBest Male Escort
2024 WinnerZak OzbourneBest Webmaster/ Developer
Zara MarlowNewZealand Best Female Escort
Zara MarlowNewZealand Best Girlfriend Exprnce (GFE)
Zee Zee MuseBest Female Online Content Creator
Zee Zee MuseBest Party Entertainment
Zoe BadlandBest Female Stripper
Zoe BadlandNewZealand Best Female Stripper
Zoe BadlandNewZealand Best Industry Advocate
2024 Winner (A TIE)Zoe BadlandNewZealand Best XXX Showgirl
Zoe HunterBest BBW
Zoe HunterBest Female Tattoo Model/ Actor
Zoe HunterBest Fly-Me-To-You Escort
Zoe HunterBest Photo Authenticity
Zoe HunterBest Porn Star Experience (PSE)
Zoe HunterBest Touring Escort
Zoe VixenBest BJ
Zoe VixenBest Female Online Content Creator
Zoe VixenBest Female Porn Star