2022 Nominee: Sassy Banx

aaia.web.designer Best female escort, Best photo authenticity

Sassy Banks AAIA 2022 Nominee
AAIA 2022 Nominee Logo darkSassy Banks AAIA 2022 Nominee
I am thrilled to be nominated for an award as an independent escort on Scarletblue.

I am so versatile in my looks and my play - MILD TO WILD all the way!

I mix it up with different outfits and different hair colours, always creating a new version of myself for my lovely clients.

I also have another alias ‘Vanessa’ as a masseuse ..  as I love to massage and be sensual with my very happy clients. 😉

Sassy Banks AAIA 2022 Nominee
Sassy Banks AAIA 2022 Nominee

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