2022 Nominee: Tori Baxter

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Tori Baxter AAIA Nominee
AAIA 2022 Nominee Logo darkTori Baxter AAIA Nominee
Miss Tori Baxter, also known as Trouble XXXX, first started her career in the adult industry as a dominatrix specialising in height comparison, wrestling, humiliation, trampling and CBT.

While she absolutely loved the in-person sessions she held with clients, when the pandemic started she moved to online services and this is when her passion of creating new connections with her followers began to blossom.

Miss Tori provides a uniquely refreshing presence to her audience. Her engagement has followers intrigued and begging for more while keeping everyone around her on their toes.

At 6’4 (193cms), Trouble comes with a natural alpha female energy that can easily transform into the brat of your dreams. Along with her sassy tongue and quick wits this newcomer is one to keep an eye on.

Tori Baxter AAIA Nominee
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