Mr Jake

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Mr Jake Adult Awards 2022
Mr Jake Adult Awards 2022
“You deserve endless kisses by a gentleman that knows how"...
Ladies and Lovers, As “Mr Jake” I am Australia’s unique and most coveted male escort. I hardly require any introduction, but as a multi-award winning and recognisable male escort I am a Gentleman that has a reputation that well precedes me.

Highly reviewed, all positive and well regarded within the adult industry in Australia and internationally, I pride myself on the quality service I provide to all my clients. Aiming to provide you with above industry standards my reputation and accolades really do speak for themselves.

From the moment we meet you will be mesmerised by my charming and charismatic personality. Hailing from the UK, I know a thing or two about the language of love. I am not just an attractive guy with a sexy English accent. My worldly experience and intelligence makes me not just your average guy. I have the ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease within minutes of meeting me with a cheeky, clever and witty sense of humour. My personality is guaranteed to re-ignite those fires within and I’ll be sure to keep you well entertained.

I have a striking sense of style and take significant pride in my appearance, a short stint as an editorial model has definitely made me more fashion-focused. I am also known to woo and surprise my female companions with my cooking skills, as well as my extensive knowledge of fine wines and spirits. With my great love of fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle it gives me great satisfaction to know that I can be a positive influence on the people I care about deeply. Nothing makes me happier than bringing joy to the people I love and authentically connecting with new people.

From the many years dedicated to playing professional soccer, I still practice the same training regime to maintain an amazing natural physique. My fitness and casual soccer games is testament to not only just a gorgeous face but the perfect body as well.

Since my arrival to Australia I am proud to say I have become quite the Melbournian! I enjoy and thrive in the city’s involvement in culture, the arts, sports, food and nightlife. Eclectic and passionate, full of stories to tell, I am also a great listener. What makes me unique from the rest is the most notable trait of them all, my wicked sense of humour and making you feel carefree and comfortable in my presence. The perfect fit for any occasion, the perfect arm to lock into, no matter how much time you’d like to spend with me, there is no doubt I will give you a special time to remember!

Thank you for taking the time to view at my profile. I look forward to making your experience memorable. I would love to show you off to the world as we walk hand in hand through the city streets. Life is not the number of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away.

Others have tried and will continue to try but there can only be one of me as the original is worth more than a copy.

Mr Jake, Xx

Mr Jake Adult Awards 2022
Mr Jake Adult Awards 2022

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